Anthropocene by Coleman Camp

In my business to prepare for the show, I forgot to post here about the opening reception of Anthropocene: an artist response to environmental change. No worries though… there are guest speakers and events happening all month! As a recovery from that slip up I’ve linked to the show’s information page here and in the post title.

Kathy Varadi, a graduate painting major at SCAD Savannah has curated and put together the best exhibition I’ve seen prepared in association with the school. It was a wonderfully successful opening night and we’re still rolling on that through artist talks and movies all month. Check out the schedule and drop by!

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ANĀ by Coleman Camp

ANĀ - أنا : I (also: me) {pronoun}

I have recently completed a book in collaboration with my friend Moe Al-Sobaihi (Mo OuttaSpace), a movement artist from Saudi Arabia. The book explores the processes of personal growth, how past informs the future, and outward expression of internal sensations. Anā will be published in an extremely limited production count of 5 copies; each one is hand made by myself from printing to binding in order to meet my level of quality control. The edition is currently in production and will soon be available for purchase.

Topocene by Coleman Camp

Coming up in April, Topocene will be on display in Savannah GA at Sulfur Studios for four days! The show will be featuring work from a few smaller collections including my Degracene mordançage prints.

Topocene addresses the current state of land and human’s engagement with it. This land is our land. Our house, our home, our mother grown old. It has shed itself for us, now only bearing the cost of freedom. Where have you been in this? What are you doing for tomorrow?

I’m very excited to have this coming into fruition! We will be having an artist reception on April 12th at 6pm. Come have a few drinks, network, and discuss some important topics!

Topocene Flyer

In the Works by Coleman Camp

As you may know, I’ve recently began a series of chemically altered prints. I start with digital captures of bland, man ravaged landscapes; in which I’ve selected artifacts and topographical imprints left by humans. I then edit and print digital negatives for silver gelatin contact prints which, when dry, I run through a series of chemical baths for a process called Mordançage.

These chemicals target anything that is true black, so in editing I have flattened the image tonally but selected parts of the land or items left behind to black out in photoshop. These dark areas in the silver emulsion detach from the paper in the bleaching bath, allowing me to pull, tear, and reorganize the surface.

This literal disintegration of print partners with and critiques the overlooked affects of human presence. 

There will be a gallery exhibition of the full series showing in Savannah sometime in April. I’ll keep you updated! Keep an eye out!


Mordançage by Coleman Camp

Those that follow me on instagram have seen my recent endeavors into silver gelatin printing and the unique possibilities when working with chemicals. One of these chemical processes I’ll be exploring in upcoming months is Mordançage (pronounced- more-dahn-sahhje). Originally called a variety of names derivative of bleach-etch, it was discovered in 1897 to reverse film negatives to positives. Jean-Pierre Sudre coined the term Mordançage and transformed the process into a new approach to silver printmaking.

An acid copper bleaching solution dissolves away part of the silver image, and when carefully done, leaves a thin veil. This filament that can be manipulated into unique forms that cannot be replicated in subsequent prints.

More to come on what I’ll be doing with this process, but keep an eye out for some very special works in the making!


Small Works - Gutstein Gallery by Coleman Camp

Oct. 19th to Jan. 26

I am humbly excited to share that an excerpt from my cloud Atlas series will be apart of this year’s Small Works show at the Gutstein Gallery in Savannah GA. Small Works is an annual multi-medium show defined by the condition of being under 18 inches in all dimensions. and will be up through the first month of 2019.

The reception is on Nov. 15th from 6-8 pm, stop in and say hi!

Tour des Trees by Coleman Camp

A couple weeks ago I had the privilege of once again fulfilling the role of tour photographer for the Tour des Trees. The tour is a week-long bike trek functioning as a fund and awareness raiser for the TREE Fund (Tree Research and Education Endowment Fund), a nonprofit that supports urban tree care research, scholarships, and education.  This year the itinerary took the riders 530 miles in the area between Columbus and Cleveland Ohio, stopping along the way to spread awareness about the tree care industry. The tour surpassed there $325,000 goal this year and has currently raised over $329,000.

More information on the TREE Fund and the tour can be found at

(Photos from the tour can be found in the link below or by clicking on this post's title) 

"Prismatic Visions" by Coleman Camp

Last year I had the privilege of being published on the SCAD Works blog after the completion of my Cloud Atlas series. Peter Relic wrote a wonderful piece within our discussions relating to fine art photography, invisible collaboration, and the series itself. It wasn't until he published this that I realized the couple afternoons we had spent cycling around the city, while I was making the photographs, had in fact been apart of his organic "interview" process.

So a due sincere thank you to Peter and SCAD for the feature.

Gallery Opening! by Coleman Camp

To any and all in or near Savannah Ga! I have the great pleasure of being a part of a gallery exhibition opening up next Friday, titled "Along the Lines." It has been opened up to work from all mediums and will be featuring painting, sculpture, furniture, illustration and photography including two selections from my "Black Box" series. The exhibition opening is February 23rd (next friday) from 6-10, but if you can't make it then the work will be up until march 9th. Come check out some awesome work at East & Up, 6 East Liberty St!


Welcome! by Coleman Camp

If you follow me on social media you know I've been excitedly working on this new site layout for a few weeks now and finally it's here!  For return visitors, you'll notice I've added more "travel" work from trips to Alaska and some US National Parks, also this blog section where I'll post every so often about different photo-related happenings. 

Contact info is still in my bio page, under "the photographer." or connect on social media platforms (linked at the top right." Please connect with any questions and inquiries!