Coleman Camp Studio

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01. New-New Topographics

These photographs document found imprints and artifacts; simultaneously existing as declarations of existence, archives for future interpretations, and mimicry of conventional research methods.

Began 2019

Exhibition History:

- Full House. Localhost Gallery.  Virtual gallery.
- Topocene. Sulfur Studios, Savannah GA. Solo Show.

02. Degraçene

Degraçene is an experimentation of material processes that mimic observable environmental processes.

The landscape recontextualized in print is understood as a fragile object subject to degradation.

Material progression: Digital Capture, Digital Negative, Silver Gelatin Contact Print, Mordançage. 

Awaiting funds to continue..

Exhibition History:
2020 - Mono-Michigan. Higher Art Gallery.  Traverse City, MI.- Water. Jadite Gallery, New York NY.
- SCAD de:FINE ART. Alexander Hall,    Savannah GA.

- Aura and Invention. Trois Gallery,  Atlanta GA.
- Alexander Collective, Salon Show.   Fab'rik, Savannah GA.- Anthropocene. Alexander Hall,  Savannah GA.

- Topocene. Solo show. Sulfur Studios,  Savannah GA.

How Will You Dress Your Mother When She Is Old? 

Scrap wood pulled from building rennovation in Historic Downtown Savannah, found textiles and misc. waste from the Savannah River.  


Exhibition History:
- Topocene. Solo show. Sulfur Studios,  Savannah GA.

04. أنا - anà

Anà is a collaborative project between myself and the movement artist Mo Outtaspace. The word anà is Arabic for self, as the ordering of images is in reference to the three states of self and their mutual influence. 

The future ideal self informs the current state of self as much as the past self.

Handbound Hardcover.
52 Pages / 48 prints
One edition of three copies.

05. Journalism - CCS.Mag

Licensing availible at SIPA USA, or directly.

I. FTP3 Protest

II. Dupage Pads COVID-19 Response

III. XR Universities March