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02. Degraçene

Degraçene is an experimentation of material processes that mimic observable environmental processes.

The landscape recontextualized in print is understood as a fragile object subject to degradation.

Material progression: Digital Capture, Digital Negative, Silver Gelatin Contact Print, Mordançage. 

Awaiting funds to continue..

Exhibition History:
2020 - Mono-Michigan. Higher Art Gallery.  Traverse City, MI.- Water. Jadite Gallery, New York NY.
- SCAD de:FINE ART. Alexander Hall,    Savannah GA.

- Aura and Invention. Trois Gallery,  Atlanta GA.
- Alexander Collective, Salon Show.   Fab'rik, Savannah GA.- Anthropocene. Alexander Hall,  Savannah GA.

- Topocene. Solo show. Sulfur Studios,  Savannah GA.